Friday, 2 September 2011


Well tonight's journey home was rather interesting...

The East Coast Mainline has been in absolute havoc after 30777 Sir Lamiel and 70013 Oliver Cromwell managed to set fire to long stretches of the lineside south of Doncaster!

To really rub salt into passengers' wounds we made an unscheduled stop at Newark and the two locos were right opposite us, looped to keep them out of trouble. Thankfully despite the delays of two hours to our train's passengers, spirits were generally high as people seemed to accept that the train crew really couldn't prepare for such occurances! And I must say that East Coast's train crew, and the guard in particular, were excellent!

Although my colleague did say it was nice to have a good look at the steam locos, I think the expression 70013's fireman rather summed up the afternoon!

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