Sunday, 4 September 2011

Retro 08

Not that I really need to provide any more proof of refusing to conform, not just in my interests here but in many other ways, this hint of a future project will probably go some way to confirming my persuasion to the non-mainstream.

The blue box, incidently, contains an old Crownline chassis kit - this combined with the Kitmaster box should give a real clue as to the nature of the project! But why am I choosing to follow this route? Well, I'm not sure really! Other than I really just fancy trying this method and I think by careful budgeting it'll be cheaper than the RRP of a Hornby model, interestingly enough.

If you want to find out a bit more about the method (both practically and that behind such madness), then it's well worth finding Tim Shackelton's article in the preview issue of RailModel Digest which uses a very similar approach.


  1. Careful - you'll be modelling. I have a few similar projects that I have because I can. I have a rake of Airfix 16tonners to do just because and an MTK 40 cos I always wanted one when I was a kid but could never afford one. managed to score a Ratio Midland 2-4-0 that is going to get accelerated tot he workbench as well.

  2. Doing something 'because you can' can be a very liberating experience!

    And your rake of Airfix minerals needs no excuses! They're still a lovely model even after nearly a hundred years of continuous production!