Monday, 24 October 2011

Brake Time

A little while ago, well quite sometime ago, I posted about using ancient Airfix kits to produce models of the brake vans I require. Well here is one of them beginning to take shape. While this one will prove quite cheap to produce I have 'invested' in a set of Dave Bradwell etchings for the other Airfix 'van but hopefully the two will sit nicely side by side on the layout without it being too obvious that one has exquisite etchings at its heart and the other is 'bodged by James'!

The handrails need real patience, as does apply all the individual rivets on my version - but fabricating for yourself is at least a very economical way of modelling and both version will need very similar work on their bodies. I must admit I haven't moved the duckets, even though they do sit too low but I feel they look OK and it's better to leave them than try and hide the scars of surgically moving them.

The fun will really begin when I come to fabricate the foot steps! Think I may put that off for a bit longer yet!

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