Sunday, 20 November 2011

My New Second Home

Some of you may have noticed that I seem to have either gone AWOL or have been posting sporadically here at times - and you may have noticed that this coincided with my final shift at Welton. Well this is my new 'second home' -

Crabley Creek Signal Box on the Hull - Selby line. Four months or so of training through Signalling School (of which more at a later date) and I've been able to move from a gate box (which isn't a block post) to a signalbox!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Steam Heat

We had a little family outing to Pickering yesterday - a really nice ride out! Cold with the sun clearly on strike but quite a clear fresh day. And the best bit, a lovely quiet day! By this time of year most tourists have moved back home and only a handful of visitors remain. It much more civilised this way. Even the coaches look so much more welcoming at this time of year as traces of steam hang round coach ends showing the steam heating is working. That beats air-conditioned stock doesn't it?!

So lunch out, a new book and a nice stroll round Pickering made for a rather nice day!