Friday, 30 December 2011

Day Return to Levisham

Earlier this week we had a lovely afternoon on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway; the weather was rather dull but it some how really rather added to the whole day. We chose to go from Pickering to Levisham, it's about twenty minutes between the two and we reckoned that's a pretty good balance between length of ride and how long our pet human will last!

The southern section of the NYMR isn't as well known as the last northern stretch as it's not been at the centre of a TV drama and in some ways, despite my fondness of Goathland station, is all the better for it. Levisham has only a limited amount of stock stored in its yard and development work has been kept to a minimum. In some ways it demonstrates why so many stations like Levisham closed! It does feel very remote, a good mile and a half from its namesake village. Levisham station is kept presented in North Eastern Railway colours, and the NER signals compliment this rather nicely. Only the 'modern' crossing barriers are really at odds with this! However, the delightful signalbox more than makes up for this!

The day never really got, well, light at all... The day was terribly overcast and the with the railway following the valley floor often surrounded by numerous trees light didn't stand much of a chance! But I think it really added something; a dark overcast afternoon only makes the steam heated coaching stock all the more appealing!

A really nice afternoon with one very tired little boy as a result! It didn't stop him wanting to play with his wooden railway back home though!

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