Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kirkham Abbey

The eastern side of Yorkshire has some real railway gems. The Hull - Selby line is a wonderful example of a main line still signalled in the traditional manner for instance. The York - Scarborough line is probably better known to many enthusiasts - a traditional holiday route and also the stamping ground for preserved steam for many years. The line runs through a lovely part of Yorkshire and finishes up in one of the nicest towns on the Yorkshire coast. Along the way are a number of traditional manual signalboxes - one of these is at Kirkham Abbey.

It's a lovely example of a North Eastern Railway 'box and has been superbly restored in the lovely light blue colours of the old BR North Eastern region with a host of details which many similar boxes have had removed. It still has wooden crossing gates worked from a wheel - it seems only the trains passing by will remind you of exactly what year it is. And it must have one of the nicest views of any signalbox too, over looking the River Derwent with Kirkham Priory beyond. Just lovely.

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