Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Stately Progress

Not sure if the title refers to the locomotive's eventual style of movement or the pace at which the build is progressing...

Anyway, just a little bit about another loco which will be part of the Botanic Gardens fleet. The basis is a London Road Models' kit, which is showing its age but is still a good starting point for a LNER J21. It'll be a Hull loco when it's finished, though the exact one has not been decided upon yet. Photos of locos in Pre-Grouping days are not as plentiful as those for diesels. When modelling a particualr diesel a quick search on the net normally brings up a few good images within minutes so you can be very sure, but here, well, not so easy!

More details to follow soon!

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  1. Of course, the plus side of modelling pre-Grouping is that someone is far less likely to whip out a photograph proving that your beautifully modelled locomotive is wrong...

    And "in service" modifications seemed far more prevalent when everything was done on-shed and not subject to rectification plans in triplicate!