Sunday, 15 January 2012

Underpinnings and The True Meaning of Christmas

We've had a busy start to the new year; I only had a couple of days off over Christmas. But at work it's all playing with trains so I don't feel cheated or badly done to! Sadly part of the time when I was off I discovered what one main things about Christmas - getting unwanted gifts from and spending time with people you neither like nor are related to. And why would I want a boot tidy? It's just what you want - the worst bit is trying to pretend that you're delighted with the gift...

So, in the little bits of time I had I did manage a little bit of modelling. Suzi's doing an Open University degree so there are times when she wants time to herself to work and I'm left to my own devices so can get on with modelling! And I managed to move my J21 build forward just a little bit.

The brake gear has now been assembled and fitted - it's not perfect as the kit isn't quite accurate in this respect, but from normal viewing distances I hope most people won't notice. Further builds, and there will be a few, will have modified brake gear. But one of those little jobs which was rather satisfying to complete!