Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cross The Line By The Footbridge Only

Considering how many miles of former railway lines there are in the UK it's not surprisingly that it's not too hard to come across some real gems - stations which have survived for fifty or more years in some cases that have survived thanks to a second career as private buildings or offices.

If you ever find yourself in Ryedale then one place to make a point of passing is the former Gilling station in Gilling East, just near Helmsley. Even the station clock still remains as does a delightful sign reminding passengers how they should cross the line!

Part of one of the platforms is still very much in place complete with its canopy still sheltering it! The station house is well kept and just set back from the road is the former goods shed which has been the subject of a tasteful conversion into a house.

It's lovely to see buildings like these surviving years after ceasing to serve their original purpose and they're well worth seeking out.

If you want to find out more about Gilling and the other station in the area, Disused Stations has some excellent stuff on it!

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