Saturday, 11 February 2012

In the Bleak Midwinter

If you've been travelling by train over the last week or so, spare a thought for all the railwaymen who've been working through the bad weather; whether they been digging points out, manning remote signal boxes, running things at control or wherever they've been working! They've all helped to keep things moving!


  1. Hear, hear!

    Oddly enough, at the same time on the Great Eastern Railway Society forum, there has been a huge amount of bitching about how everything has fallen apart, wouldn't happen in my day, we didn't need rules to know when it was safe to run trains, etc, etc, from a number of Eastern Region ex-railwaymen.

    As though in the fifties and sixties there were never any cancellations, and everything ran to time with shiny engines. There's even a thread running there at the moment with the title "Grumpy Old Men".

    As a regular commuter, *I* appreciate what is done!


  2. Thr irony of such comments about not needing rules about snow is that there have always been rules about operations during 'Fog or Falling Snow'! And if you look at the bad weather over the last week or so I think the railway mostly carried on without much fuss at all.

    I must admit the railway benefits now from excellent lines of communication compared with what used to be in place and we have a 'live' WTT so we know where all approaching trains over the following few hours! But even so, I'm quite sure it's just as hard now as it always was to get through 6" of snow on the way to work!