Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How to Compromise?

Many parts of modelling are a compromise - even P4 is compromised to a certain degree. Much of this is all necessary so we can accommodate a layout or finish models in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes we need to compromise between accuracy and the overall effect. It might be a strange thing to read here, especially given my 'P4 leanings' but bear with me...

This is a good example of what I mean. Bachmann's Class 20 has slight 'underfed' bogies. The same applies with their ealier Class 37s too. There's not quite enough depth to the frame. It's not to the extent where it looks completely wrong however, but enough for the more informed observor to question its appearance. With new (ex-Hornby Class 50 bogie) brake cylinders they certainly look fine. The lower 'bar' isn't wrong I hasten to add, but there were variations between locos which explains the presence of filler here. But compare with the 'chunkier' ones below -

These are spares from a Heljan Baby Deltic - available from Howes of Oxford. Now this is where the compromise comes in... Essentially the bogies are the same; same wheelbase, same shape, same basic design and structure. But there are detail differences. You'll notice, correctly, more bolt detail on the Bachmann moulding which the Baby Deltics lack and the pipe runs are in slightly different locations. So, these are essentially wrong for a class 20! But from a distance do they provide a more convincing appearance? Add new sand boxes (cut from the Bachmann originals), steps and brake cylinders and the they'll look pretty good but will still be wrong!

I'll leave for you to decide...

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  1. It's always difficult to know how far to go with these details and I think there will always be comprimises we need to make, especially in 4mm. I had similar issues with the bogies on my deltic, borrowing brake cylinders from class 50s to add the necessary bulk, but they're still not perfect... brake hangars and calipers could be much improved upon. I think that you need to look at each offering in turn and try to decide which option is the closest... and how much effort it'll take to get that one as near as you want it to be. I've still got some Bach 47 bogies on the bench to tackle... and then there's an old Bach 37 whose bogies have certainly been on the slimfast diet. In the end... I think you have to go as far as you're happy to go - reflecting te results you'll achieve... Weathering can then hide or enhance what you've got.
    For the choppers - a good comparison. Good luck with the decision. You can always use Archer waterslides for added rivet detail if necessary.

    Jonathan (Jon020)