Friday, 30 March 2012

In Short Supply

Many 'modern' freight workings tend to be rather long affairs - thirty large bogie wagons is nothing out of the ordinary and really shows one of the major plus points of rail. That is, to move large amounts of 'stuff' with a minimum of fuss. These trains, however, are hard to accommodate for many modellers - especially in four mil' where trains could scale out to up twenty feet long very easily!

All is not lost though as some workings are short, such as 6J94 at the moment. Heading towards Hull with steel bound for the Docks on 30th March 2012 was 66084 with just three BYA coil wagons. A few days previously I noted the same working with just four BDA steel wagons. An excellent example of a 'space friendly' working which many modellers could accommodate, even on modest layouts.

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