Thursday, 29 March 2012

Refining One's Chopper

This follows on from a previous post concerning class 20s. They'll form a key part of the motive power for West Halton on trip workings between West Halton Sidings and Scunthorpe. So I'm spending a little time refining the already good Bachmann product.

It provides a good basis for a model; it's well proportioned and looks 'right'. Some details are a little basic, but if you can address these the result should be quite pleasing. Certainly refining items such as cab front handrails and lamp irons make an instant impact to appearance. Replacing a number of small items will add up to a big difference!

I've also on this model, set to become a rather tatty 20104 in Red Stripe livery, Shawplan's louvre doors. In brass they do look good - two types are provided - but I think the difference will be less obvious once the loco is painted. However, it's a nice easy upgrade so one which I think I'll repeat. Which brings us up to date with this one; still plenty to do, but slowly getting there!

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