Saturday, 10 March 2012

Shed No Tears

Frodingham Depot is well known by many enthusiasts, both as a steam shed than as a diesel depot (though no so well known as an OTM Depot as it is now) but just over the road was another motive power depot, which still stands, but it is very much overlooked. There shed still, in a sense, serves the local transport industry. There's also quite a good cafe in part of it now. It was a favourite with some of the P-Way staff at Scunthorpe Steelworks!

However, not all parts of it have fared quite so well. The water tower succumbed some time ago, its purpose having long disappeared. The branch itself closed in the 1980s when foreign ore, with its higher iron content and lower cost, became preferable to locally mined ironstone.

Ore Mining Branch No. 20 stands outside the OMB shed at Frodingham, Scunthorpe. The front of the shed can just be made out behind the rear of the locomotive.

Photo from AFRPS Photostream on Flickr

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