Friday, 20 April 2012

Twenty Progress

Isn't amazing the difference buffers make?!

Well, with the buffers on it's ready for primer - just about anyway. It'll be a lovely, faded, tatty, Railfreight livery! The class 20's construction has lead to a change from what is the usual order of things - the buffer beams are very exposed and painted in the livery colour so all details will wait until painting and weathering has progressed relatively far in this case.

Should be fun!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Specials

The last two Saturdays have each had a special running! Last weekend we had two class 47s on a special from Scarborough to Carlisle and this weekend we've had 70013 Oliver Cromwell on The East Riding from Kings Cross to Scarborough - we've been rather spoilt, haven't we?!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Botanic Gardens on Tour

"We need somewhere where we can put the whole layout up easily."
"I know just the place!" said Adrian...

And there was plenty of room, as you can see - well if you can spot the layout in such an immense space!

The trip allowed Botanic Gardens to have all of the woodwork fettled, baseboard joints on the semi-circular ends and fiddle yard boards checked and remaining woodwork undertaken with ease of access. A start was also made on wiring the ends and fiddle yard boards.

Sadly I could only make the Sunday due to work (and I turned down a Sunday too, which for those in the know about the railway will demonstrate how much I value the BG project!) but the weekend achieved everything we'd hoped for and it even allowed time to position some of the completed and part completed buildings to give an idea of how the layout may look as it progresses!