Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hybrid Class 47

As well as other diesels currently on the go, I've been assembling a few bits for another Class 47!

I posted a while ago about a Heljan 47 which had suffered from a swollen and warped chassis and I mentioned that I would salavge the running gear to use under a Lima body - a slight change, I have decided to use a Vi Trains body as they look rather good once they've been detailed and toned down. Out of the box Vi models have a rather toy like appearance, due I think to their rather brightly applied livery colours are generally accurate.

Just to be really open minded I have added a Lima chassis frame into the mix for the true hybrid experience! Madness maybe, but so far (before detailing parts have been purchased), taking into account items already 'in stock' a total cost of £12 for the body via ebay - not bad value so far! And I think it's shaping up rather nicely...

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