Tuesday, 31 July 2012


On the branch from Gilberdyke to Goole there's just one intermediate station, Saltmarshe which despite all the changes it has seen over the years still very much retains an air of the typical country station. Although its station building and goods yard have gone it still has a signalbox, a typical later North Eastern Railway box, next to its level crossing. And the box itself is beautifully cared for and looked after.

Despite its off-the-beaton-track nature, it sees a significant amount of freight yet it seems to seldom be a destination for photographers or enthusiasts - which is rather a shame really...

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bang Road at Crabley Creek

In connection with the recent programme of engineering works locally, every mid week morning and evening has seen Single Line Working, where trains work over a line signalled in one direction in both directions - you may have heard of Pilotman working previously.

Some operations staff may go thirty years without working in this way, but we've had it constantly! It certainly makes for an interesting photo! The train has authority to proceed in the wrong direction passed Crabley Creek Signal Box once he gets a yellow hand signal - note, yellow, note green!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Round the Bend

Progress with Botanic Gardens! Well, part of our on going work. The boards which link the fiddle yard with the scenic section. A nice little job which is one where the progress appears to be quite brisk as with both the up and down roads in place means they are virtually complete in a very short space of time!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A bit more luck today than the last time I tried to see 2Z02! This time it more found me than me chasing it... And what a glorious sound as 37419 resumed having stopped at Gilberdyke station yesterday!

And not far behind was a bonus; Class 60, 60074, at the head of 6J94! Although I really don't mind Class 66s, having a Class 37 and a Class 60 by on the same day was a rather nice change!

Friday, 6 July 2012

East Yorkshire Area Group Meet

Earlier this week the East Yorkshire Area Group of the Scalefour Society met in a country pub to discuss railways over a drink or two!

This is the third such meeting we've held and they've proving to be enjoyable and very interesting. We've begun to make an effort to bring something we've been working on recently - it is nice to share projects with like minded people but also, as one member has said, it could provide a nice incentive to get on with things!

Please bear in mind that the following photos were taken hand held in poor pub lighting!

First time attendee Chris Parsons brought along a very nice test piece, his first attempt at P4 - it look very nice indeed! Built using C&L components and Templot templates.

Dave Burman brought along the level crossing for the group's Hull based Botanic Gardens layout; now it may sound like a simple piece but this involves both the up and down lines as well as two tram lines crossing at not quite ninety degrees! To add further to the complication Hull's electric tramways used double headed/centre grooved rail, with corresponding centre flanged wheels. Once installed this will form a lovely centre piece for the layout.

Also for Botanic Gardens was a pair of shops under construction by Chris Leach - these will be right next to the level crossing. The right hand shop was a piano dealer in 1913 but the left hand shop was a sweet shop. The confectioner must have had some sort of epiphany the previous year as he had been an undertaker until just before the time chosen for the layout!

Also from Chris was a NER Class E1 - perhaps better known as an LNER J72 as it became. Chris brought this along at my request as I have just bought an old Mainline model from ebay for just £2.50 and I wanted to see the Bill Bedford chassis he'd built.

Finally my own 'show and tell' items - a NER Class U (LNER N10) built from a Connoisseur Models component pack and a much modified Slater's NER brake van.

Dave Fenney had a set of etches for a NER Petrol Electric railcar along with a set of scratchbuilt ends and sides for the same. I didn't get a photo of these but anyone who saw Whitton Junction Engine Shed at Scalefour North recently will know just how good his modelling is!

A great evening and I think we're all looking forward to the next!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

To Russia With Love

Direct Rail Services' 37611 leads the 6Z30 07:33 Carlisle Kingmoor - Hull Docks through Gilberdyke, with 37606 bringing up the rear. Within the containers is low grade nuclear waste which is being shipped to Russia.

The route learning trip for this working can be found here.

Monday, 2 July 2012

What The World Was Waiting For

My favourite band is unquestionably The Stone Roses, and last night we went to see them perform live at their massive homecoming at Heaton Park in Manchester! A venue my some of you may know better for its trams than music...

A truly amazing experience from a band who have an incredibly loyal following - I doubt if many other artists could sell out three consecutive nights of 70,000 a night in little over an hour - and even with the hype, they didn't disappoint.

For those at Heaton Park, The Stone Roses, even if only for that night, really were the greatest band in the world.