Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Out and About

I've just finished a week and a half off work - the main aim was to keep both small person (Thomas!) and myself out of Suzi's way while she worked on her uni assignments. This has resulted in me doing over 1,100 miles over the course of a week or so! Given me time to get used to our new car though! We've covered pretty much from the bottom of the M25 while attending Scaleforum to the top bit of Yorkshire! Though admittedly at not Leatherhead with Thomas as that's too far for a small boy, it's bad enough for a group of adults! The really odd thing is that I used to do up to 20,000 miles a year purely for work and that used to include a huge number of motorway miles - now being spoiled with a short journey to work each day I have realised how little I miss motorways! So 450 miles of boring, wide roads was more than enough to visit the Scalefour Society's main show!

We've had a couple of trips to the NRM, a trip to a friend's in the Dales to see his layout and a ride on the NYMR on Sunday as an early birthday outing from Pickering to Goathland with lunch on the station at Goathland! So not a bad few days off! Just back to work to play with 'big trains'!

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