Thursday, 20 December 2012

NER Numberplates

The North Eastern Railway, much like many other pre-grouping railway companies, had quite distinctive numberplates on their locomotives - on models, transfers never looking right. The best way to model these is in brass but there has been a very limited range of plates available and it's no fun building locos to match this limited range. However with the help of Narrow Planet, we've been able to have them made to suit whichever locos we need!

These aren't part of their normal range so won't appear on their website but they're very willing to help with more bespoke work. I'll also add that they were just £4 for the two pairs which is stupidly good value!



  1. Hi,,
    If you are still uncertain about this process then its probably a better idea to go down to your local mechanic or car body shop and offer one of the lads 20 pounds to fit the Number platesfor you. It should only take him half an hour and you will probably find that he will supply any new plastic caps or screws that may be required.

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