Sunday, 27 January 2013


Something a little different...

Following a request from my mother in law, in the space of two days an old Class 50, one of Lima's finest, was resprayed and lettered to provide the centre piece for a cake (which Suzi was baking and decorating - the lettering at the front took its inspriation from station gardens!) for her partner's fiftieth birthday! And what better loco than a class 50? Plus it must have scored a few brownie points too!

The body and frame were dug out of one of my boxes of bits, however the bogies were no where to be seen; however the same searching also secured a pair of Hornby class 50 bogies! A little bit of work saw new mounts fabricated for these - has anyone else fitted these to a Lima loco? Probably not, although with work the Lima model can look very nice indeed.

And here's one which I built a few years ago - given that this is a scan it must be at least eight years ago! The Lima body is very well proportioned and with work to correct things like the windscreens (which actually used the original drawings, befoe feedback from driver and union representatives, which changed the shape to improve visability when, I believe, buffering up to stock) it can really look nice. Underneath it was a pair of Lima 37 bogies which were converted to look like the cast type by labouriously removing the flanges around the frames!

Personally I think it's at least the equal to the Hornby model, visually speaking.

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