Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Future of the Hobby

If you've ever worried about the future of the hobby...

These two lads spent the best part of three hours on Gilberdyke station on the Hull - Selby line yesterday taking photos of everything which passed through. The one on the left is just on the ramp but I kept an eye on them and they behaved perfectly. While ever there are lads like these out watching and photographing trains, the hobby is safe! And who knows, in twenty years time maybe they'll be modelling 2013 and being all nostalgic about class 66s?!


  1. I agree James.

    Whilst the hobby as we know it may change I think that there's more than enough interest to keep it going. I've no doubt that by 2040 there'll be plenty of nostalgia about the present day railway scene.

  2. You only have to look at the photo a little closer to see what may change soon - how many semaphores can you see? And the distant signal for another signal box too. In a few years time the area is due to be resignalled so the photos which people take of the units and class 66s signalled by mechanical means will themselves be of historical.

    If the two boys in the photo retain their interest, the thought of freights like these passing semaphore signals may make them feel nostalgic?

  3. That is very heartening! I must say that, while a dyed-in-the-wool steam afficianado, I do feel my pulse race at the sight and sound of some big oil such as in the photo...I'm glad it translates down through the generations!