Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Class 25 Underframes

The work on my hybrid Class 25 has progressed nicely. It still looks a bit rough, but that'll be sorted as I go along.

Last night I managed to do a little bit of work on the underframe after we'd finished pancakes and stories of a green engine called Henry.

One thing you notice when you start looking at the 25s in detail is that those without the valance have a lower body side which is anything but level! There are so many different levels it's hard to keep track! So much so I'd say that unless you have good photos of both sides of your chosen loco it'll only ever be a good educated guess! The Hornby body seems lacking in the lower regions of the cab when compared with a number of drawings, so the lower edge of the cab has been extented. This may explain why the buffers are far too high even when the loco has been lowered as they may be correct in relation to other parts of the cab front on the original Hornby model.

I've blatently copied Jim Smith-Wright's method of modelling the underframe - I've added bracing above the main H sections in the form of 2mm square section form Evengreen which greatly adds to the rigidity of the structure. Most of the work, aside from this additional bracing, is best carried out with the two section fixed in place on the chassis block. This'll ensure that it'll actually fit on the model!

I'm not planning to go much further with the underframe for now until I can test fit the rebuilt bogies, just incase any modifications are required and as I expect a fair bit of extra handling might result from this process.


  1. Nice to see the shot of the bracing in position James. Might try doing the ultimate 24/q by this method!

  2. Looking forward to seeing this at Scalefour North in April! Test running on Waterloo Street is always possible...

  3. The buffers were set high on the original Hornby moulding partly because of the size of the tension-lock couplings that Hornby used at that time. They needed the body to be set high in order for the hook to lift properly.

  4. Thanks for sharing your class 25 info James. As a matter of interest, what did you use for the new tail light housings - Plastruct tube mebbe ? which diameter please ?

    Excellent work