Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Class 47 on a Budget

Finally this project has come to an end! Well, nearly - there are still lights to be added but I really want a way to model these so they are quite discrete and not like Xenon headlights which seems to be an 'in' look with some RTR models.

Now it's all be touched up and weathered, I hope all the seperate elements (which can be seen here) appear to all be a part of a whole and nothing sticks out as obviously additional. It's been very enjoyable and I'm pleased with the result - so much so further Class 47s will be using Lima bodies as the basis. Underneath they'll make use of Heljan or Bachmann running gear with the 'bouncy' bits from Penbits.

Until then, I'll leave you to decide if this is worthwhile or madness!

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