Sunday, 14 April 2013

Two Wrongs might make a Forty

Niether the Lima nor the (original) Bachmann class 40 bodies really looked like the prototype out of the box. However by combining different aspects of the two, a nice representation of the real loco can be made. This has Bachmann nose ends grafted onto the Lima body which at the same time as having Shawplan windows added has had its nose lowered to suit the new ends.

I'm fully aware that the new Bachmann class 40 is due soon, however this will be one of the oringal ten locomotives which formed the Pilot Scheme batch and differed in some of their details. So having all the parts already in my possesion (so I don't have to spend too much!) I have a great start to the project, which was first seen here. Even the chassis was there - originally it had a detailed Lima body on it, but that doesn't look quite right to me now. Will just have to see how this one turns out now!

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  1. Hi James,

    I enjoy reading your blog you cover an intersting range of stuff. Especially the pictures of the trains that go past your box. However, I find the background sound track that you have introduced a bit of a nuisance - especially if I am streaming internet radio. Any chance please that you could provide an "Off" button?



  2. Hello!

    I'm always pleased (not to mention surprised!) when someone enjoys my blog!

    The soundtrack is actually the video which plays, unfortunately, automatically in this post -

    I've now adjusted it so it shouldn't play automatically! It shouldn't interupt the radio now!

    Hope it sorted now!


  3. Another delicate subject to tackle James... that one looks really nice. Ivan's on RMweb is going a different way, but I admire the look of yours...maybe I'll see it in the flesh one day. I've been waiting for the new Bach one for a while now and was a little disappointed looking at a pre-prod sample in the Bach cabinet at Ally Pally - the bogies are too malnourished IMHO and that spoils it for me - so a brand new loco with so much done to it and it still possibly needs Lima bogie frames. Yikes... come on someone, please give us something us modellers will be able to smile about straight out of the box.... please! I'll still get one though, but I'll be waiting for a blue disc version.
    Good entry and it'll be nice to see this finished... and sound fitted of course.
    Whistle while you work ;-)