Thursday, 23 May 2013

Drighlington for Adwalton

The other night I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the West Yorkshire Area Group of the Scalefour Society on a visit to see Steve Hall's Drighlington for Adwalton project. Steve is very well known within the model railway world for two things; firstly his involvment with Scalefour North and also his wonderful layout Halifax King Cross, a very run down urban piece in P4.

His new layout is also to P4 standards and, for any home layout, rather big at 40' long! A number of people have said in the model press that "big layouts don't work in P4", but clearly they do. Actually very well in this case! If you want to read more about the layout, you need to seek out a copy of Model Railway Journal issue 201 and this site has information about the real location.

There was an invitation to bring stock to 'test the trackwork'! A couple of my locos had a little run and the Class 25 I've been on with recently went down rather well! Considering it's only been up and down a short test track until the other night, it did very well! The accelleration and decelleration settings need to be tweaked - what works well on a little test track proved less than ideal on a large layout! But it looked very nice as it glided through pointwork. The Penbits running gear really proved itself!

A really lovely evening of trains and chat! It's all part of our wonderful hobby!


  1. Very impressed with the running qualities! How many scale miles did it cover? :o)

  2. Not too many miles but a few circuits quite slowly! Once it had warmed up it was plodding round with the minerals quite happily!

    Were you there?