Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wolds Way Lavender

Tucked away, just off the A64 near Malton is Wolds Way Lavender, a lavender and herb farm, right on the northern most edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. Not an obvious subject for me to write about here, but bear with me!

My parents have taken Thomas a number of times, and he loves going! And he loves going because of the 7¼" gauge railway which runs through their grounds. Unusually for this gauge, the railway is used for freight; genuinely so too. It's used to transport lavender to the distillery which is where the lavender is processed in the manufacture of Wolds Way Lavender's various products. Something of which Sir Arthur Heywood would have approved I imagine.

The line is a classic 'out and back', which many early miniature railways seemed to use - I'm not sure just how long the line is though. The low speed does, I think, make it feel much longer and far more of a journey than really is! Perfect for small people!

Thomas (and Bob!) watches the line's 'diesel' (it's actually petrol) being turned  ready for its next journey.

The line also has a steam loco of a distinctly Bagnall appearance but sadly it wasn't use when we visited and I'm not sure just when it is used. It would be nice to see it working!

Round the back of the shed was another steam loco taking shape -

The seems to be well constructed but welding rails to steel strips screwed to the sleepers does seem an odd thing to someone with 'big railway' construction behind them yet seems quite common on railways of this size. It'll certainly take a long time for the rails to wear! The yellow sleeper, however, is rather reminiscent of what we do on the 'big railway'!

The rather nice moulded chairs in the station area sit much better with me, and look quite pleasing and 'railway-like' too. Not sure on welded fishplates but the railway does seem to work very well!

A few pictures taken around the site, hopefuly showing the rather nice setting of the railway and the farm. It reminded me of how I imagined parts of 'Whispering Glades' in Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One with its wide open spaces... Here a few other views of the railway.

Wolds Way Lavender is well worth a visit for the railway and is very family friendly with all the other activities and facilities it offers. Or you can use it as an excuse to see the railway!

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

While Mummy's Away...

While Mummy was at work, Thomas and I took over a good part of the living room with wooden railway!

It looks quite tidy, the result of clearing things up a little before Mummy got home! I quite like the little branch line at the bottom right hand corner - entirely Thomas' idea, and it worked rather well!

We can get quite bogged down in pushing for greater accuracy, feeling we 'have' to do certain things but sometimes just playing trains is what we need.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Curse and the Wonder of Modelling on the Internet

The internet has opened up a lot of things to a lot of people.

A really great thing has been its ability to bring together kindred spirits who can exchange ideas and information about the shared interests. From the earliest days of e-mail groups all sorts of fantastic information has been shared and people's hobbies greatly enhanced. The flip side has been the rise of egotists who have taken to the authority which can be none too pleasant to see. It can also lead to things like this, which a forum administrator, who's an employee of Warner's Group (who publish British Railway Modelling) overseeing the day to day running and development of RMweb, thought it perfectly acceptable to post on his employer's website.

And this is a shame as it taints the whole forum and all its members. However many very established members have now moved on, which is a real shame.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Polished Levers

There's still a sense of pride on the railway on the Hull line! Fifty five freshly polished levers at Gilberdyke!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

And Then There Were Three

As Mallard 75 approaches, every so often another A4 seems to arrive at the NRM!

Now at York is 4489 Dominion of Canada, resplendent in its original 1937 Coronation condition and livery, complete with a single chimney and the delightful polished, stainless steel strip along the bottom of the valance and tender. It's stunning! And couldn't be further from the loco's condition when it arrived back in the UK last year!

The two exiles are now standing alongside each other for the first time since 60008 Dwight D. Eisenhower left Shildon for York for its own restoration. They contrast each other enormously now compared with how the two sat alongside each other in their as withdrawn condition in BR green. Both look very impressive! It'll certainly be quite something when all six remaining A4s are together!

The Mallard 75 events should be rather good!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

2509 Silver Link

It will very soon be 'Mallard 75' at the National Railway Museum. However one era of the LNER A4 operation won't be represented, that of the original Silver Jubilee service. None of the original four locomotives has survived but 4464/60019 Bittern did wear the original livery for a time in preservation, numbered as 2509 Silver Link.

This photo is from a visit to the NRM in 1988, and the little peson by the front buffer is, indeed, me!