Wednesday, 19 June 2013

While Mummy's Away...

While Mummy was at work, Thomas and I took over a good part of the living room with wooden railway!

It looks quite tidy, the result of clearing things up a little before Mummy got home! I quite like the little branch line at the bottom right hand corner - entirely Thomas' idea, and it worked rather well!

We can get quite bogged down in pushing for greater accuracy, feeling we 'have' to do certain things but sometimes just playing trains is what we need.


  1. Wonderful - Such fun, my kids have Brio all over the front room floor as I type this. It's just toy trains that matter, whether we go for scale and detail or durability and childproof qualities.

  2. I wish my kids were young again and I could repeat the fun I had with them like this! Very heartwarming. When all's said and done, that's the fundamental part of our hobby...playing, having fun, imagining and creating; and the foundation for that lifelong enjoyment starts here in the photo!

  3. Brilliant. We have the plastic version of the Thomas track and my kids used to love creating wonderful layouts using ever single piece. My youngest is still only 5, but seems to have outgrown the Thomas track - he's waiting for Daddy to get the "Garage trains" running... I'm desperately trying not to disappoint...

  4. Hi James, we still have several crates of this stuff; my boys loved it when they were little; Alex my eldest got his first starter set from ELC before he was 1... and with the battery powered locos could just sit and watch the train go around for ages. Now they've progressed to OO gauge but they still liked to get the wooden track out from time to time and build a new layout - taking over our vast living room as a result. Thomas should play with this for many years yet... and I'm sure you'll do your bit too ;-)