Sunday, 8 September 2013


Nowhere near the village from which it takes its name is Weaverthorpe Signal Box, at the site of the station of the same name. The station was originally named Sherburn, but was renamed Wykeham, a village about three miles away, on 1st April 1874 to avoid confusion with three other stations also named Sherburn. In May 1882 it changed once again after the opening of a station in Wykeham itself on the Forge Valley Line becoming 'Weaverthorpe'.

The station closed to passengers in 1930 , along with most other stations on the York - Scarborough line, but remained open for goods traffic much later. But the scene is still very traditional and one to warm the heart of many enthusiasts; signal box, semaphores and wooden crossing gates.

The box is very much the classic intermediate box with a distant, home and start each way with the manual crossing and main to main crossover in the middle. While it's still there and functioning, it's well worth having a look!

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