Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Tender Moment

Just a little teaser...

I've been off work this week - it's only the second time since I left uni and started working in the real world that I've been off work (the Tami-flu incident doesn't count - that was people panicking more than anything else!). During this time I've managed to get on with on of the locos for Botanic.

Based around a Dave Alexander J21 kit and a 52F Models chassis kit, it's come on in leaps and bounds this week! I sometimes think that whitemetal kits can look a little plain and, almost, simpler than brass alternatives in their unpainted forms. Even, perhaps, very much appearing to be the poorer relations, but the ability to quickly erect a superstructure does have much appeal. And Dave Alexander's castings are very good and can be built as they come with few problems, but if you spend time preparing the castings to make full use of their potential, the can form the basis for something really special.

And if you have whitemetal kits to build, it's worth getting a copy of Iain Rice's book Whitemetal Locos: A Kitbuilder's Guide. It's still an excellent guide to how to get the best from whitemetal locos.

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