Monday, 7 October 2013

Scaleforum 2013 - Postscript

I'm rather proud of myself - my model of 31171 won the Locomotives class in The Chairman's Cup at Scaleforum. A model which was predominately RTR bits, was considered alongside kit and scratch built steam locos. It shows how far diesel modelling has come along and how it's now regarded. When I put a class 37 (a hugely modified Lima body with correct tumblehome and a chassis which used Hornby class 50 bogies with a new motor, etc., etc...) in the competition (around 2005 I think), it was only allowed into the modified RTR category, not the full locomotive one!

I certainly think that The Scalefour Society is very much moving in the right direction and is a very relevent and vibrant group which supports good modelling regardless of the subject matter.

There's more about the model here - Project 31.

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  1. Congratulations James, what an achievement, that is great news for modern image modelling. The 31 looks a treat too, I always thought the Lima 31 was one of the finer mouldings. To be honest the glazing alone transforms it, but your paint work and weathering are sublime as well. Great great stuff.