Sunday, 17 November 2013


The other night Suzi and I saw Adam Hills live in York.

I've seen an awful lot of comedians live and Adam Hills is one of the most effortless amd natural performers I've seen with a real warmth about his performance. The show was one of the most up lifting I've experienced and the whole message of the show (normally a comedy show with a message seems rather forced, or like you're being preached to but no with Adam Hills) lifted the spirits of the audience en masse in a way I've not experienced before. The message is summed up simply by the phrase "touch the frog!"

And if that means nothing to you, you really need to try and see him live!


  1. You should see Adam Hills in action in Australia with his show "Spicks and Specks", a musical quiz program and Adam Hills Tonight, both quality programs.

    Check him out on:



  2. Hello Smithy!

    Thanks to YouTube I've watched quite a number of episodes of Spicks and Specks! I really enjoyed them!