Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hornby Magazine - Weathering Skills Guide

Don't be fooled by the title of Hornby Magazine's latest publication! In all but name this is essentially a new book from the former MRJ editor, Tim Shackleton. The whole book (I think it warrants that term) is very well presented and very well written - 95% of it is Tim Shackleton and the rest is Hornby magazine's editor, Mike Wild. I think there's something for both those who already weather their models as a matter of course as well as those new to the whole concept.

There are plenty of ideas to challenge established ideas - finishing wagons in a gloss top coat to reflect their depicted 'newness' is a great idea and would leave many modellers sitting in a corner rocking back and forth mumbling to themselves. But it works very well and the rational behind it is explained very well, as is the whole book. You can see the difference that having someone who's not only a very accomplished modeller but also a professional writer makes.

Other than highlighting other bits I liked, there's little point continuing other than to say that railway modellers really should find a copy before it disappears. And if you can't see the fuss about weathering, then you really do need to find a copy of this!

Further Reading

Aspects of Modelling: Weathering Locomotives and Rolling Stock, by Tim Shackleton


  1. That's a good plug James; I'd scanned a copy in sniffs but thought it possibly a bit generic... not noticed the authorship so just might pop back and get a copy for the ref library... thanks for highlighting this.

  2. My pleasure Jon!

    He also has a new book on weathering rolling stock but this is still worth getting I think - a 125 page guide/book for £5.99 is pretty good value too!