Friday, 22 November 2013

Project 25 - Underframes

It's nice when you feel a project is really coming together - especially it's one which is quite involved. This class 25 has been quite long winded in many ways! But slowly over this week I feel like things have been finally coming together.

The underframe is a huge improvement upon the original Bachmann moulding. There are now gaps where the should be gaps and even the simplified pipework gives the right impression of the correct equipment being there. Not that it's correct in every respect - it's too easy to get bogged down in the detail and miss the bigger picture I found, but the result will hopefully satisfy most.

The water tank is actually scratchbuilt depsite having the Brassmasters' one 'in stock' I found that D5176, my chosen one, was built with tanks with no gauges. It would be a shame to file off the nicely moulded gauges so I built a simple box from black Plastikard. Using photos I added a reasonable approximation of the equipment around it. Incidentally, an excellent source of detail photos (and not just for the class 25 but pretty much most production British mainline diesels!) is Brian Daniels' excellent Flickr site. Well worth a look.

So this brings 'Project 25' up to date. Still required are the remaining pipe runs on the chassis, the framing behind the headstocks and a few final details and then it's ready for painting!

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