Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Project 50

This is an ongoing project for a friend of mine - it's a fairly straight forward detailing and respray of a Hornby class 50. However, the standard and finesse of some of the parts now available mean that even a straight forward project can result in a very high quality job if you take care and take your time.

50018 Resolution stands at Waterloo on 25th November 1989.

This is how the model should ultimately end up looking; unfortunately I can't remember the source of the image. It's reasonably typical, I think, of how the fifties appeared in the later Network South East livery. The miniature snowploughs just add the little something extra to the the loco however!

The roof clearly shows the new parts from Shawplan. I've also added the cowling within the roof space for the fan itself. A minor detail but I think it's worth the effort for the visual appearance. An idea nicked from Paul Marshall-Potter!

The main parts used so far are from Shawplan and they are excellent. Well, I wouldn't expect anything else from the nice Mr Hanson! The first task was to strip the body using Phoenix Precision's 'Superstrip'. It's expensive but very good! And it is amazing just how fine the model is beneath the thick factory applied paint - the yellow warning panel was especially thick and once it was removed some wonderfully subtle and fine bolt detail around headlight. This is totally lost as the model comes out of the box.

The new exhaust ports are an enormous improvement over the originals.

The new Shawplan roof details are not like the details of old - they are very fine and the fan grille (which hasn't been fitted yet) is especially delicate and requires careful handling. I found it worth annealling the parts to make it easier to form the correct curves - it makes things much easier! I'm sure some people will think that the work involved isn't worth the effort but personally I think the extra finesse they provide, and the ability to correct some minor errors on the original moulding makes the effort really worthwhile. It does require a great deal of care to prepare the loco for the new parts but the result is very satisfying!


  1. Another project I'll have to watch James... I've one to do somewhere. Do you plan to correct the cab roof "dip" that I heard John (can't remember his surname) talking about at S4um... it should "dip" in the corners!
    Goodluck ;-)

  2. I'll be honest, I'm not really that familiar with the class 50s. Their withdrawl combined with their operation in the opposite corner of country means I'm not sure if I ever saw one in service. Maybe a fleeting glance when we were going on holiday (When I was a child we would travel by train from Yorkshire to Salzberg via the ferry and sleeper through Ostend!) but no real memories before they entered preservation. The odd thing is I can remember Peaks in their very last days and they went before the fifties!

    I'll have to look into the 'dip' a bit further as it's not something I was really aware of. Each new project is still a learning process so we'll see how it goes :-)

  3. Good stuff James

    I was aware of the dip Jon mentioned but didn't bother on any of mine. It's something none of the manufactueres have ever got right, regardless of the scale. The dip in the rainstrip is not the same as the dropped cab effect that some of the class suffered with (50007 was one of the worst examples) which is something I've never seen modelled.



    Ps - 25 is looking good too.