Wednesday, 27 November 2013

So much for a quick build!

This was supposed to be a quick build it hasn't worked out that way! And mainly through its conversion to P4!

The J21 now has new splasher fronts and cab roof made from thin brass - 5 thou sheet. The splashers didn't allow enough room for P4 wheels so the thick whitemetal fronts were removed and replaced with brass soldered on the outside to maximise the room within.

The cab roof has also been replaced - this is often a weak spot of whitemetal locos and it is very hard to disguise. In fact a replacement is probably less work than trying to disguise the original's thickness. I think the cab roof makes an enormous difference over the cast one provided - it's simply a 10 thou brass base with a 5 though overlay with the rain strips added using flattened handrail wire. Cut and bend it to shape - rub it on a sanding board to make the base reasonably flat and solder in place. Then file down so you have a flat appearance and consistant width. Not too much effort for a really big improvement in appearance!

The tender is coming along too - all handrail are now in place and also has Millput in the coal space which will form the basis for the eventual coal load and means you don't have to spend time cleaning up soldered joints beneath it!

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