Monday, 2 December 2013

Straight Down the Middle!

What to do with nearly sixty quid's worth of chassis kit?

That's right! Cut it in half!

I thought I could get away with using the EM spaced frames but in the end I decided it would look a bit odd so with a cutting disc in the mini-drill I cut the whole thing in half within a couple of minutes!

So, I've reassembled using Gibson frame spacers and a little bit bit of fettling to the body and we're sorted! Now this is not a criticism of the 52F Models kit at all - they intend their kit for either 00 or EM, not P4! This way the suspension is preserved (though some packing betwen the beams and integrated gearbox will be needed due to the extra width between the frames) along with the lovely brake gear!

But as I said before, this was supposed a quick build but it's not worked out like that!

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