Sunday, 2 February 2014

ModelRAIL 'Aureol'

Whatever happened to Lawrence Dickinson?

In the early nineties he wrote a couple of superb articles on diesel modelling which appeared in ModelRAIL when it was still a supplement in RAIL. The first I saw was an excellent article on modelling class 47s using the Lima model as a base. Former Rail Express editor Gareth Bayer mentioned this article in a comment on a post of mine here. The other was on modelling 40012 Aureol using a Lima model as the basis - the supplement came with RAIL No. 187, 11th - 24th Novemeber, 1992.

Bearing in mind that many articles from the old ModelRAIL supplements are very much of their time in terms of parts used - it's really only the last few years when we've had Brian Hanson's high fidelity 'Exreme Etchings' range from Shawplan - the results are amazing! 'Of their time' is not a critism, but a reflection of the very small amount of diesel specific components which were then available. The class 40 in this article is very much finescale; it's EM and features an early application of Dyna-Drive. It pre-dates Formil Model Engineering's superb loco/model specific kits too, so a there's a good deal of work in the installation here!

If you were modelling class 40s, even using the new Bachmann model, there's still much of the article which is just as relevent today as it was twenty two years ago. Given the results of the finished model, I do wonder why we've not seem more from Mr Dickinson (of the Ipswich RMA) over the years - maybe I'm wrong and have just missed other articles? If you know of others, please do let me know!

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  1. I have this article stored away, one of my favourites. The weathering is just right for a forty!!