Saturday, 22 March 2014

Two Days, Three Class 37s

A couple of days at Gilberdyke this week brought a total of three class 37s! Both were working track recording trains. Direct Rail Services 37607 and 37609 worked 1Q13, Derby RTC - Derby RTC via Hull and the following day 97301, formerly 37100, worked 1Q14 Neville Hill - Derby RTC via Hull. They sounded lovely!

A closer view of the class 97 passing - if you're modelling the contemporary scene, then I think they'd make a lovely subject for a model - Bachmann loco, Shawplan bits and glazing and PenBits bogies. Sorted!

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  1. The 37 has always been my favourite diesel locomotive and I'm delighted to see that some are still working. Not bad for a class that is getting on for almost as old as me, though can never be. I had a Triang 'Type 3' about forty five years ago. They look dated now but still have lots of character, despite the horrible colour schemes. Nice shots, thank you.