Saturday, 26 April 2014

York MRS 2014

Over Easter we visited the York Model Railway Show - it's very much an institution in the hobby I feel - if you're in Yorkshire and the North and you don't visit, you really are missing out.

New Bryford

One layout which was always a favourite of mine from its appearance in ModelRAIL, the old supplements, was New Bryford. So it was lovely to finally see it at the show! It's evolved and is still very much current - oddly it was much smaller than I was expecting, the photos on the original article made it appear much larger than it is. It's only 16' x 8', which is a size that many people could accommodate at home. Just the sort of layout which should be at a show!

Foston Mills

There was a great variety of exhibits at the show, the inclusion of a sub-exhibition of minimum gauge modelling was a lovely extra! There was also a good selction of larger scale modelling - Thomas loved a scenic G scale narrow gauge layout! There were a few good 7mm scale offerings too - I may have spent too much time with these. More on this another time...

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