Wednesday, 14 January 2015

In These Times of Austerity

A very long term resident of the my workbench is this model of a Hull based WD ('Dub-Dee') no. 90695 - and it is very much a long term project as my first post was in 2009 and another in 2011!

WD No. 90695 - You will have to excuse the background of my parents' kitchen!

The model is based around Bachmann's excellent model, refined with Dave Bradwell castings. I say 'refined' rather than detailed as what's there in the first place is pretty good. It's also been converted to the Doncaster pattern firebox which many of the class received later in life.

Other than not working on it over the last year or so, I'm really not sure why it has waited so long for its turn to be finished. It has been waiting for its filthiness to be applied for a long time now and, I hope, it looks like a typical Dub-Dee from the Hull area. Hull locos never seemed to suffer from excessive priming or stark lime streaking like those in other parts of the county did. There are a number of subtle streaks showing signs of heavy use all adding to the dirt.

To emphasise the lack of cleaning I haven't bothered adding any insignia to the tender. Sometimes even the best and thinnest transfers will appear rasied when complettely covered by dirt and all it achieves is making it look very model like. If you can see the detail of badges or lining then it can look great peeping through the dirt but here, no. However, the absence isn't noticed as such - we see what we want to see in many situations and here, the brain tells us that it must be there but we can't see it for the dirt, which is exactly the result I want. I can't claim credit for this idea though... Tim Shackleton uses the same ruse with his 9F in MRJ 90 and 91. Tim was very helpful with advice on finishing off my Dub-Dee!

Just a little finishing off, couplings and crew and it'll be ready after six years on the bench!

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