Tuesday, 30 June 2015

All in White

The RT Models exhauster box can be seen towards the front of the running borad by the front steps - along with the Brassmasters' rods and new laser cut springs from Tim Horn, it's coming along nicely now.
A very, very long term project has made a little bit of progress over the last few days.

The model of 08632 is now is white primer, or at least it's first coat of it. And it's specifically white as the BR blue paintwork will, in places, be quite faded and the white provides a better base than other colours of primer would

I'd left things for ages as I was constantly putting off the louvre grilles on the exhauster box on the running board. Not hard but fiddly! Thankfully, RT Models do a lovely resin casting for this item which looks very good indeed!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Modelling Again

So far this year I've not very little modelling until the last week or so. I've not been very well over the last few months - quite often I've simple had no desire to do any modelling, or much else for that matter. It a very strange way to be, life seems too much sometimes but I feel that I can really appreciate the good things. Suzi and I have been very lucky to have had a second, very healthy child who is (and I know I'm biased!) just adorable! Abbie smiles and grins all the time, seemingly unable to contain her happiness a lot of the time! And Thomas just a simply a lovely little boy, even though we'd love to find his volume switch sometimes! And all of this is held together by Suzi who is very much a long suffering train widow at times!

The advancing model of 47380 Immingham - Lima model as it's basis with Ultrascale wheels and a selection of Plastikard parts! The underframe used the 'Bayer Method' as described by the former Rail Express editor, Gareth Bayer, a good few years ago in DEMU Update. Soon it will have a lovely selection of Shawplan etchings added too.

And with all of this it makes it all the more frustrating for me - questioning while I can feel so low with so many good things around me. But depression doesn't really make sense; it's indiscriminate and can have a huge impact on people from all backgrounds and walks of life. And yet as a society we still don't really do enough to look after everyone's mental health and do poorly when it comes to provide resources to look after and treat those affected. The ridiculous waiting times should make the government ashamed... It makes me all the more appreciative to have been re-referred and seen so quickly this time. And hopefully it'll benefit not just me but also family and friends.

The new therapy is taking quite a different approach from last time - I was asked what would I like to be able to do or do differently. A main one was spending with my family but also just with Suzi too - she's just finished her degree so it should be a lot easier now! But it's also the 'extras' which I really wanted to do again - cricket and modelling being the two main ones. I've played cricket since I was a child, all at the same club too but this last year I've just not been able to face it and really don't know why. And modelling, just sit there and couldn't really get into it and sometimes almost seemed scared to do anything. Writing that down makes it seem just silly! But when you're engulfed by it, it just takes over.

But... This last week or so I've made a big effort and forced myself to or make something and it's lovely how good do something creative has felt! And you can see the progress made so far.

It'll be 47380 Immingham running as it was just before withdrawal in the summer of 1992. It was a bit of an oddball - oval buffers for traffic on the Barton branch, cut away buffer beams, extra cab vents, repositioned nose steps and probably a few other details I've forgotten or not noticed yet. Every time I look at newly found photographs I seem to notice something else! It's based on a Lima model with old steel tyred Ultrascale and will soon be covered in Shawplan etchings!

If all of the above seems a little far fetched or simply rubbish, well you've probably been lucky enough to not have experienced poor mental health or seen those close to you go through it. Either way, looking after our mental health is very important.

And maybe railway modelling is good for your health after all?!