Friday, 21 August 2015

A Horrible, Selfish Man

We called in at Embsay on our way home from a holiday and saw there was a train about to leave. My son, Thomas, was very excited and got his camera from my bag ready to take a photo. Despite the guy in the photo seeing Thomas waiting patiently with his camera, he continued to stand there, waiting with his iPad - not taking photos but, as it turned out, waiting to film it as it departed.

He actually moved just as the train was about to depart so Thomas did get his picture, but he only moved when he wanted to to get his footage - a horrible, selfish man. Sometimes at heritage railways, you can't expect to get a clear view because railways often have hoards of people and passengers! But here, well, you can probably tell my opinion of this man..

Fortunately Thomas did get his photo and a couple of treats from the shop, but still there's never an excuse for selfishness like this when a child affected.

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  1. Sadly there are a large number of people into railways who are similarly self centred and take no interest in encouraging the next generation of enthusiasts, in fact the majority of said people actually seem to take pleasure in putting 'normal' people off and keeping railway enthusiasm a hobby for people with a body odour problem....

    This man will no doubt be the one barging a kid out his way so he can get front row in front of a layout at a show, obscuring plenty of other peoples views in doing so!