Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Looking Like a Class 47 Now!

Compared with the original Lima model, my model of 47380 is look much more like a class 47 now - thanks enormously to the fantastic Shawplan etchings.

There's a lot to be said of projects like this even these days. Back to basics stuff where modellers of all abilities can hone their skills and try new things in a way they might never do with new ready to run or expensive kits.

So, go on, switch the internet off and go and do some modelling!


  1. Hi James,

    I bet you are enjoying this little project and once completed no doubt fellow modellers will be questioning its parentage :-) I'm old enough to have seen the Brush type 4's being built at Crewe during works visits and though I'm no expert on the class your model is looking good to me..

    1. The aim (as well as a kick start to modelling again) was to make the model capture the character of original loco. Comments like yours are great to hear! Thank you!

      I hope it shows that the Lima model is worthy of consideration still - compared with later models, the moulded detail (window frames aside) is delightfully subtle. There's a lot of work to bring everything up to scratch, especially around the underframes, but to finish a class 47 from another manufacturer in this area to the same standard would take just as much work!

      As a project, and this is the most imprtant thing I think, it's great fun! And very satisfying at the end - much like your GWR Railcar should be!

  2. Like this close up photo of the etched applied. It's giving me some inspiration.