Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hybrid Class 40

One of my longer term projects has been this class 40 - D235 Apapa as she was during the sixties whilst working on the WCML.

The source is a mix of Bachmann and Lima with a big helping of Shawplan parts. The chassis is Bachmann and most of the body is Lima, but with Bachmann nose ends with the Lima bonnet reduced in height to match. This then gives the correct room, or there abouts, for the new windscreens from Shawplan. The result? Well hopefully a class 40 that looks like a class 40 and not obviously a particular model manufacturer's version of the class.

I hope that doesn't sound snobbish, but the satisfaction of building or making something that looks right and captures the original is immense. And after many set backs which have affected my modelling this year it feels rather good.

Sadly it has a new home to go to soon - I'm quite sure it'll be appreciated!

Further Reading

Diesels in Depth: Class 40s by David Clarke

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