Friday, 11 September 2015

Trying Not to get Carried Away

I get carried away with ideas and layout planning very easily! I think night shifts and quiet times when your mind is free to wander fuel this sort of thing. One night while engineering work carried on outside the signal box I managed to conjure up a scheme, inspired by the Forest of Dean, for a 5" gauge layout which could have fitted in my parents' garden! I knew about the ease with which you could get wagons for 5" guage, but I also found all you could need for the track (scale bullhead in fact!) along with the motive power - class 14s to which you could easily add radio control to really have an enormous model railway. Of course with this would come an enormous cost, well beyond most people's hobby budget. Getting carried away, you see what I mean?

So this may count as getting carried away...

It's a possibility, isn't it? Trains and railways in the garden seem quite civilised I think and Playmobil is very durable, even in the hands of young children. We'll have to wait and see if it can happen...

My last post hinted at what we had acquired recently. It's for Thomas, and the idea was we could have it outside on the lawn in summer. Playmobil is very durable and, if you buy carefully, very reasonable second hand. Providing you leave their colllectable side well alone - mint boxed locos can go for more than what we once paid for a car! Seriously.

The set we managed to get off eBay isn't perfect - it shows signs of having been played with (not a problem), just the odd buffer to replace... Incidentally searching eBay for the buffers, I have discovered that the french for buffer is 'Tampon'. You learn something new everyday. Of course, if it proved a success, a more permanent right of way could established. Thomas has said he would like a railway in the garden - he does need to remember that the August edition of Railway Modeller is not a catalogue though. As a way to get children outside it could be very effective, and better than them always being inside when we're at home in summer.

So a few lengths of track were place by the edge of the lawn (the curves even following the line of the flower bed perfectly - must be meant to be, surely?) just to see how it would look. And the household authorities didn't say no!

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