Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Class 47 Progress

A real day of progress today - one of those rare days where a good few hours of uninterrupted modelling could take place! Actually, aside from the opportunity to actually make a bit of progress, it's amazing how refreshing and satisfying it was - it reaffirms my belief that our hobbies are a very good form of therapy.

The Lima model has been transformed by Shawplan's etches around the cab and the windscreens and windows - hopefully when anyone looks at the model it won't be obviosu that it has a Lima model at its heart.

And quite a momentous day, two locos in primer and ready to be painted!


  1. Looking good James. I'll have to make a note to keep checking back on here more frequently.

  2. Are you using the original Lima chassis?

  3. I am with this one - I've got a selection of motor bogies to choose from so picked a smooth one! If you look after Lima motors they can work really well. There's a lot of rubbish written about them - whilst not as smooth or powerful as, say, a Heljan class 47 they can be quite acceptable. Plus it keeps the cost down. And with extra weight, carefully adjusted/extra pick ups combined with Ultrascale wheels, the results can be very good.

    The next one will have a Heljan chassis with a Lima body running on Penbits sprung bogies. Hopefully it should be a very nice runner!

  4. How do you deal with the lima motor bogie wheelbase been underscore for a 47?

  5. It was meant to say "underscale" damn autocorrect!

  6. Hi.

    I have been reading your website, and I found it very usefull and great to read.

    I enjoy this kind of projects: Get a lower end model, and upgrade it and make it a finescale model!! I have done something similar to a north-american GP7 from Atlas, and I am going to do the same on a KATO NW2.

    Has I enjoy British trains, I think I am going to get a 47, a 37 and a HST to do the same.

    What are your thoughts about the HST from LIMA?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. And just one more thing: What do you use to reaplce those awfull tension lock couplers?

  7. Just being reading through your blog and adventures with Lima Class 47s. Last weekend I finally brewed up a Blimby Class 47 from a Lima 47 599 Metals sector body. Interesting about what your suggest using Shawplan etches for the cab windows and windscreens. It would be interesting to learn more about this and the underframe mods around the battery boxes. It's also interesting Jim Wright-Smith's comments on Lima Class 47 nose and windscreens.