Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What is a "Real Modeller"?!

Hornby posted a link on their official Facebook page for their 'Black Friday' deals, but nothing, apparently for the "real modeller"!

The "real modeller"?!

What is a "real modeller"? The "real modeller" can happily make use of some of the Railroad range. A Comet or High Level chassis under the Jinty body could be a good start in the world of finescale modelling. The former Lima class 31 makes an excellent basis for a model of the type too. Both these two examples were being offered when I wrote this post on Hornby's website.

I wonder if I've missed the point entirely - surely a "real modeller" can happily use even the most basic of RTR and kits as a basis for a model? They may carefully choose their starting point, after all one who doesn't mind taking their time with a model is quite likely to think and plan projects carefully in order to make the best of the parts available I think. Or is this just me? I do despair a little if this is a commonly held view - that the "real modeller" wants everything top spec with nothing left for them to do. It would be a sad state for the hobby if this was the case. I freely admit that the RTR releases of the last ten or so years has improved enormously compared with ten years before that which can allow time to be freed up to concentrate on other parts of a layout, for example. But...

Am I not a "real modeller" if I am quite happy to make use of a basic starting point for a model I would like to build?


  1. James,

    I did the best thing ever when I came off Facebook! As I could not of helped myself and posted a reply.

    If there was ever a perfect model for the real D+E modeler it is the Railroad 31.


    1. I like Facebook, using it to keep in touch with friends and family is very good, but some of the groups... Well, they are quite entertaining!

      It worries me if opinions like the one here reflect a general feeling in the hobby though.

  2. I think there's a place for all but 'real modeller' would, to me, imply an interest in doing more than unpacking the latest shiny toy and plonking it on the set-track. Mind you, I do wonder if I'd be just as happy with CJF's apocryphal string of tennis balls (provided they carried a tail lamp and had the correct headcode). Now, is that real modelling if the operation is the point of the exercise...

    1. The "real modeller" in the post is clearly not someone who would look at a model thinking "I've got a great idea for a project!" but more likely the sort who would complain at Hornby/Bachmann/Heljan/Etc's choice of number for a loco, never thinking they could renumber it themselves!

      A misplaced snobbery...