Sunday, 20 December 2015

Playmobil Testing

'Testing' the Playmobil - that's 'testing' not 'playing'!

After carefully buying bits and pieces of Playmobil we finally had everything together last night!

We did actually buy a few pieces of new LGB track (LGB supplied the original track to Playmobil for thier range) from Garden Railway Specialists whose service was excellent and very prompt - ordered at lunchtime and arriving the next morning just days before Christmas is very good indeed!

This might have been the loco's first decent run in years! Since we bought it, it has only run up and down a very short test track to check it before and after a service. It was very impressive just how well it ran, especially on track which has been stored for clearly a long time with heavily tarnished rails. Despite this, it was flawless. Not bad for a model which is at least twenty years old and had been stored for a long period.

Testing probably continued for longer than it needed to, but it was rather nice seeing the loco and its new stock pottering around the lounge! I think I regressed a good few years in the process too!

Now it's all wrapped up and hopefully a little boy will be pleased and surprised when he sees it.


  1. Definitely! I love 'playing' with LGB too - these days mine is only used indoors, as the outdoor line hasn't been easy to maintain as Mum is moving house.

  2. We've gone for the more budget option of LGB! Hopefully they'll withstand Abbie too!

    There's a lot to be said for play value, regardless of age or interests within the hobby!