Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Christmas Model Railway Exhibtion

Hertsmonceux by Andy Jones. It's a lovely layout, very well executed and worked flawlessly!
Photo courtesy of Andy Jones

This year saw the return of the Manchester MRS' annual show as a their traditional, Christmas model railway exhibtion! And it must be about the last which is still a traditional city centre show. It moved out of the centre a few years back and we stopped going to it - it had moved from it pre-Christmas time already. I think it's been a tradition for many modellers and families to go to it at this time of year, so it's great for it to return!

New Hey by Andy Cooper. This was the layout's last appearance - quite a fitting end for it to be seen at a local show I think.

The venue, The Barnes Wallis building, worked very well and was just a short walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station - it meant we could very conveniently get the train across the Pennines, just like we used to! Though the 'we' had changed as we included the third generation Wells!

Tollesbury Quay - what a delightful model! The colouring was spot on and it had a real sense of space, despite its quite modest size.

As an added attraction - the tide would come in and out every couple of hours too!

Overall, what a cracking show! If you didn't go this year, make a point of visiting next year!

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