Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Trainspotting Live

What a bizarre yet thoroughly British idea for a television programme!

Peter Snow and Dr Hannah Fry

BBC Four's Trainspotting Live is exactly that. Trainspotting. Live. On telly! It's like Springwatch but with trains.

Perhaps one of the strangest parts of the show has been the 'guides' to spotting! All good fun though!

And it's great! It does remind me of Channel 4's Going Loco season from twenty or so years ago - they had a whole weekend devoted to railways and they featured all sorts of railway documentaries and films throughout the weekend. The VHS tapes we recorded most of the programmes on were certainly well used for a good few years afterwards!

It's almost too easy to mock people's interests - society often seems almost suspicious of people with passions but Trainspotting Live is celebrating people's enthusiasm for railways, and it's great to see it! My interest has provided me with some amazing experiences and set me off working in an amazing industry.

And Trainspotting Live isn't just about the enthusiasts, from speaking to Kenneth Grange about his design for the HST to getting an insight at York to the role of signallers and controllers.

Hannah Fry being shown round York ROC

The pre-recorded items were really good - it would have been nice to see some of them developed further into programmes in their own right. Who knows maybe it may pave the way for more programmes like these? It may look a lady has taken her eccentric great uncle for a day out round Didcot for a day out but somehow, it works really well!

The final one of the three programmes will beon BBC Four at 8:00pm tonight!

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